Pendu, whose full name is Kishema Pendu Malik is a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor originally from New York City. She currently resides in Las Vegas, NV, where she was featured Cirque Du Soleil’s production of the Beatles LOVE for the past five and a half years. Pendu’s training spans many styles including Horton, Dunham, Ballet, Graham, Hip Hop, West African, Latin, Dancehall, Jazz, some Funk styles, Capoiera and a little Gymnastics. She continues to train and perform in these areas to complement her choreography and teaching, which she continues to build. To date some of Pendu’s credits as a dancer include Cirque Du Soleil, Cirque Du Soleil Movie “Worlds Away”, Alvin Ailey, Dance Theatre of Harlem, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Summer Jam in Los Angeles featuring Mya and Ashanti, NIKE, WNBA/NBA All Star games, Dodgers Baseball games, many fitness commercials and much more. As a choreographer/instructor her services have been used in many conventions, circus schools, dance schools, shows and videos around the world in places such as Brazil, Sweden, Peru, Argentina, South Africa and others. She also choreographed twice for a collaboration between Cirque Du Soleil and Nevada Ballet and two movies that have aired on the Showtime Network. Pendu’s goal is to continue performing for artists, Broadway and Cirque shows as well as becoming a well-known and worldwide choreographer/instructor spreading the joy of dance. She also wants to be known for her unique style of always fusing African with any style of dance. Pendu is also a kinesiology and fitness specialist who holds a BS and MS in Bioengineering and Kinesiology with a Biomechanics emphasis and has presented at international conferences including IADMS (International Association of Dance Medicine and Science) in Singapore in 2012.